On Emerald Lady there are three sections of toe rail on the port side, three sections on the starboard side, and a seperate section of curved toe rail on the stern. The sides are made up of one long peice at the bow as shown in the previous post, one long peice from the stern forward, and a shorter cap piece in the center to hold the ends down.

Our port side actually had two small peices in the middle which I gluded together to make on peice. I suspect every boat is made up of what ever peices of teak were ready at hand at the time. The joinery was also different on the Port and Starboard sides.

As we moved aft the toe rail sections were removed and taken home. Here we were able to clean off all of the old bedding compound, make necessary repairs to damaged and split ends, sand and prep ready for re-install on the boat which was another adventure in and of itself.



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Learning his trade first as a carpenter and later a journeyman cabinetry maker, quality and attention to detail have been trademarks of Keiffer throughout his career. Outside of work Keiffer spends his time keeping up with 5 new grandchildren. And, the restoration of his sailboat the Emerald Lady, a 31' Ericson Independence.
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