Patricia Brown

Patricia BrownBorn in Detroit, Patricia grew up in the Midwest and graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy, where as part of the World Youth Symphony she studied violin and piano.

Throughout the years and between the miles, Patricia pursued an undergraduate degree racking up an educational resume that lists six different Colleges and Universities. And in 1997 Patricia completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kennesaw State University.

Patricia re-entered the workforce by way of an old prestigious construction firm founded by Cecil Malone as a Project Manager in the residential division, and later as one of the founding associates of Lewis Reeves Residential. Patricia utilized her ability to focus on project details and to organize and employ skills that are necessary to Estimate and manage complex construction projects.

Patricia feels that adding her perspective in the overall construction process as a female helps to ensure that a wider range of interpretations and insights are considered throughout the course of a project. It is evident to those who work alongside with her that the energy that she brings to any project is well thought out, careful, thorough in planning, and realistic as it pertains to the budget. Those who know her know that she cares deeply about making sure the clients are well-informed and at the completion of the job, are satisfied with the whole experience.

“We take great pride in doing what we say we will do”